Military project work

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The children of the Blitz

My mother lived in London as a young child during the war. Inspired by her stories, I created a number of images using selective colouring techniques on iconic black and white images of children from the time. 

Blitz Girl and Doll 96dpi.jpg
Blitz 3 children colour 96dpi.jpg
Blitz Boy and toy 96dpi.jpg

The Battle of the Arnhem

When I started my first job in an artwork studio, I worked with an older man who was nearing retirement. He was an old-school photographic retoucher, paint, inks and an airbrush. One day, out of the blue, he told me he had been in the Battle of Arnhem during the war. During the four years we worked together, he taught me a great deal about retouching and the strength of the human spirit in adversity. Last year, with him in mind, I decided to start a personal project colourising a number of photographs of the men, on both sides, who took part in that ill-fated battle.

The_British_Airborne_Div BW 96dpi.jpg
Men of the 1st Battalion Parachute Regim
Airborne evacuees orig 96dpi.jpg
Airborne evacuees Colour 96dpi STAMP.jpg
Airborne prisoners 3 96dpi.jpg
Airborne prisoners 3 colour 96dpi STAMP.
Young german officer 96 orig copy.jpg
Young german officer 96 STAMP.jpg
Airborne prisoners 4 ORIG 96dpi.jpg
Airborne prisoners 4 colour WM 96dpi.jpg
Brit Para shares food BW 96dpi.jpg
Brit Para shares food colour WM.jpg