Military Family history photos

First World War

In the UK around six million men were mobilised during the First World War. The recent Centenary Commemorations and Peter Jackson's acclaimed film "They shall not grow old" has revived interest, as many proud families still have the studio portraits of their great grandfathers and uncles. Photo restoration and colourising of these old family photographs has become more popular, bringing them back to life.

WW1 Sailor Percy.jpg

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WW1 RFC Airman compare.jpg
WW1 JB Grandfather.jpg
WW1 Young Artillery officer.jpg
WW1 Warnham image.jpg
WW1 Soldier family.jpg
WW1 soldiers Horsham orig.jpg
WW1 soldiers Horsham-text.jpg
WW1 Sikh Officer compare.jpg
WW1 soldier 2.jpg
WW1 soldier 1.jpg

Second World War

The WW2 family photographs are often less formal than the WW1 studio portraits, taken on leave back home or by their friends when overseas. By the late 1930's, many more people had cameras and fortunately for family history enthusiasts, they often show a more personal side of their old family relatives.

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WW2 RAF family 21st.jpg
WW2 soldier 3 compare.jpg
Light restore_colourisation
Light restore_colourisation
WW2 soldier with boys compare.jpg
WW2 AG Grandfather.jpg
WW2 RAF airman JB
Les and John 96dpi orig.jpg
Les and John 96dpi colour.jpg
WW2 Cpl Curtis Hill 112.jpg
M.E. Father in law.jpg
WW2 USAAF Pilot.jpg
Skipper orig 300dpi.jpg
Bomber crew Line orig 300dpi.jpg
Skipper orig.jpg
Lancaster Bomber Skipper.jpg
Lancaster Bomber Crew.jpg
Skipper No7 Pthfinder colour.jpg
Light restore_colourisation
WW2 soldier Desert compare.jpg
WW2 Naval Wedding.jpg
Lancaster Bomb aimer.jpg
Home Guard WW1 vet.jpg
WW2 Naval wedding 2 compare.jpg
WW2 Soldier Signals compare.jpg
WW2 Brian P Dad.jpg
WW2 German soldier JH
Light restore-colourisation